Renovation Weekend Bootcamp

When I included a dedicated "redesign" section on Colorado Pretty, I had grand ideas of posts filled with lavish "after" photos that came from uninspiring and drab "before" scenes of a living room, bedroom or office that I had swooped in and rescued. But dreams really do come true, and one day, sooner rather than later, those are what you will see. We're publicly putting it out there into the universe now.

For now, let's take good advantage of smaller scale aspirations as training for what's to come. My spare room in my condo is a tiny one and has slowly been used as a place to literally throw everything that I did not want in plain sight. Until this weekend. The work began around 7 PM on Friday night and as I write this at 5:30 PM on Sunday evening, it has just concluded.

So here it is, the before (eek), during, and after of what was a major clean out. 

This desk, in white, is on its way from Wayfair and will arrive soon!